Auburn Art Walk

FREE EVENT in Downtown Auburn! *

May 12th 2017 the Auburn Art Walk will  fill downtown  businesses with music, local artists, art, and fine wines.  Auburn’s Historic Downtown will come alive with Washington artists displaying and selling their original handmade, quality paintings, mosaics, and wearable art work in temporary galleries through the Main Street businesses.

May 2017 Map

* Wine tasting tickets available at the info booths located in the AVCA Gallery or the corner of D Street and East Main.  $20 Includes 8-one(1) ounce tastes, and a custom wine glass. Additional tastes can be purchased for $2.00 each. 

Pre Purchased attendees:  The day of the event, please check in at one of the information booths to receive your walking map and your wine tasting ticket, glass, and information. Enjoy!

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Photo credit: Auburn Art Walk Committee Photographer Will Faria

Auburn Art Walk
P.O. Box 1282
Auburn, WA 98071

2017  Planning Committee:

Donald Westergard, Amanda McQuarrie, John Pinsker, Christine Egle, Laura Westergard, Sonja Noski, Stephanie Vondrak, Richard Jahn, Ronnie Schwend, Mary Egle, Eric Shellgren, Alice Kares, D'Arcy Heiber, Allison Hyde